Free Dating Site – Evolution

Chat room

Chat rooms were one of the original ancestors of the free dating site. Although many of the chat rooms have now disappeared due to the evolution of better opportunities. they were extremely popular during their heyday. Although the chat rooms spent a lot of time trying to convince people to come to the site, there was little to do once the individual arrived. Even so, the chat rooms were a draw to those who were deemed too young to be there. This meant that many visitors to the site were immature and not capable of any meaningful interaction with those looking for friendships and dating opportunities.


Forums related to a specific subject were one of the antecedents of a free dating site. Forums tended to evolve around a particular subject. The typical format was that people would post a question of interest and others would provide answers to the question, or would add related comments or links must as in a conversation only online. Sometimes forums had an associated live chat room. The major difficulty with the forum is that often one or two people who monopolize conversations, sometimes by arguing with each other. The forums and chat rooms usually had a way that people could go into a semi-private area and converse without the conversation being part of the general conversations.

Paid Site

The next evolution for many sites, not just for a free dating site is to set up a paid site where individuals could come and join in the excitement and interest generated by being able to meet other singles who are interested in dating. A paid site is supported by a combination of member fees and advertising revenues, as might be expected. The paid sites painted themselves as being elite and attracting only the elite membership that would make the best dating partners. Many individuals were willing to pay the cost to be perceived as one of the best candidates for a date.

Free Site

Following the popularity of the paid sites, smart web masters figured out a way to provide a free dating site for individuals who enjoy the online dating scene. Getting sponsorship for previously paid sites meant that the advertising by companies is already built in rather than requiring it to be paid for by membership fees and sales. The zero cost sites are funded by a combination of advertising and sponsorships so that they can grow in the same way as paid sites grow.

Social Network

A social network site is becoming popular with individuals who are less interest in actual dating. A free dating site focuses mainly on those who want to date, while a social network is more for the purpose of online socializing with others who have like interests. The social sites are structured more like a casual party among friends. Those who enjoy social sites may not have any interest in developing long term relationships with another person as a life partner. They just want to have fun with friends.

Your Online Dating Software Must Be Top Notch and Serve the Purpose Intended Well

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The installation of the software is free. This software is bound to transform your new or old business. Do a similar analysis with other kinds of software and decide which deal sounds the best. Consider the price and go for the deal that is fair. They are very affordable and you will have no problem finding the most suitable software.

Online Dating – Do Not Fall For This Online Dating Scam

There is one online dating scam that has been going on for many years! I hope I can stop singles from falling for it.

It is where an online dating site gives you a generous free trial, (that’s a good thing. Right?) So you start setting up your profile.

You have paid attention to all of the advice, lectures, instructions, etc. that I have given you.

Your User Name is clean and appropriate…the main photo on your profile is perfect…you’ve taken the time to answer the additional profile essay questions, and you are good to go!

While you are putting up the last few “finishing touches” you get an email. It is from a Single that seems to have read your profile and “morphed” into the perfect one for you! It is almost like they literally stepped out of a dream of yours! It is too good to be true.

At this point I wish I was nearby with a flashing neon sign: Do not fall for this online dating scam! But unfortunately…I’m not…

“…Hi there. I am new to this online dating thing. How has it been working for you? I decided it is time for me to stop being a workaholic and work on my personal life. I am opening my third clinic in this area, but I have vowed to keep my weekends free. I am looking for… (And here is where they describe you to the proverbial “T”!)

You are so excited you can hardly stand it! You respond with humor, maturity, and a little more about yourself. Smiling…you send it.

Now you wait…here it comes! “Hello New Subscriber! It appears you are trying to respond to one of our Platinum members. As a Free Trial member you are unable to do so. We are always looking for more single professional women such as yourself! And because of that we are offering you our Platinum membership for 50% off for the next 60 minutes only! Please do not pass up this opportunity to meet the person of your dreams!”

So, what do you think? Does that Dr. that is opening another clinic in your area a “real” member?

Just remember the saying: If it sounds too good to be true…It probably is!

Prepare yourself before venturing into the world of Online Dating Sites and you will find the one for you! I have no doubt.